iboothme's mission is to accelerate the transition of brand engagement online.

2 years ago, the pandemic changed everything. And with new variants like Omicron and Delta, Covid-19 is still making an impact – especially in the world of brand engagement.

Brands have been scrambling to find ways to reach out and engage with audiences. And it’s evident in the way virtual photo booths, hybrid events and games are growing. But even if this pandemic disappears, these new ways of engaging with customers are here to stay. 

That’s why, we create iboothme Virtual – combining over 10 years of experience in delivering the innovative visual, interactive virtual solutions to boost events and ROI.

And today we’re here to answer a few questions to some of the most pressing questions on the future of brand engagement:

  1. How do you come up with a virtual solution idea?

Do you pick a virtual photo booth, hybrid event and immersive game? We’ve created a database of different ideas to make it easier for you. iboothme Virtual gives you different solutions so you have the right inspiration and answers to meet your specific business needs. Click on our virtual exploration to find out for yourself.

  • Is it ok to mix and match different virtual experiences?

Yes, you can. For instance, you can add an interactive game to a virtual photo booth. Or even add overlays and cool special effects to a quiz or video. The possibilities are endless. Click here to try the experience

  • Can you personalize a virtual experience?

Yes, you can customize your experience. And that’s the best part. Because every brand has a different style, purpose, objective and budget. One size does not fit all. Click here to see what works for your specific needs.

When it comes to a virtual photo booth, game or hybrid event, iboothme Virtual has an answer to all your questions. If you’re searching for the best virtual idea, look no further.

Want to try the experience? Click here to get in touch.

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